Also, das ist irgendwie ..gruselig!

Via Facebook schlägt mir Wikileaks vor ein „Dinner for Free Speech“ zu veranstalten. Damit das auch gelingt, werden einige dufte Tips mitgeliefert:

Hello fans.
Hosting Your Dinner Party

Send this e-invitation to as many of your friends as you can. Your friends might want to host dinners too. In any event….. Decide to host a dinner yourself!
Have dinner at home, in a restaurant, in the street, in front of the TV with the kids….do your bit to encourage as many people from as you can to participate. The important thing is to raise awareness of the issue of free speech, and to pledge support for Julian’s Defence fund and/or WikiLeaks.
A specially recorded dinner speech will be provided by Julian Assange for you and your guests to broadcast at your dinner. This is only available to you when you enrol for this dinner event.
In order to host a successful dinner party, here are a few things that might be helpful to know:

a) Use this site to enrol for this Dinner event.

b) Invite your guests as soon as possible and be clear about who the invitation is from. Click Here for your e-invite.

c) If you’re not used to hosting dinner parties or are having trouble deciding what to cook, first decide on your menu – keep it simple and seasonal. Don’t be tempted to try something last minute, stick to what you know works. If you don’t have time to cook, you could get in a take-away, arrange to meet somewhere for street food or ask friends to contribute.
Make sure you get info from your guests on any special dietary requirements. Try to balance your menu…e.g. not too much heavy carbs or cream in every course! Food that is easy to cook and serve will ensure that you are relaxed for your guests and that everyone will have a good time leaving you with plenty of time to talk.

d) Plan ahead – if you’re eating at home, take time before your party to shop and prepare ingredients, plan your table setting and seating arrangements and make sure you’ve got the required cutlery and crockery for your menu. Perhaps some flowers or similar to make the table look „dressed“

e) Preview Julian’s speech before your guests arrive if you like. The speech will be available at the on this page. You can share this with your guests when everyone is seated for dinner. Help your guests join in with the interactive part of this dinner by providing a laptop at the table and allow guests to text, email and tweet between mouthfuls !

All that said, there are no rules really, you can do a party in what ever way you prefer….we just ask that the topic of conversation at your dinner is focused on Freedom of Speech

idea….If you’re having a few people for dinner, you could set a place for Julian (who sadly won’t be able to join you in person) and place your laptop in his place setting. Open the screen to face all the other guests and play Julian’s speech to everyone. After which you can discuss your thoughts, views and ideas by Twitter, Facebook, Blog.

This is a great chance to participate in a discussion on issues that are important worldwide. EAT, LISTEN and HAVE YOUR SAY!

Da geht’s aber um viel! – Erst „nur“ um „Free Spech“, dann plötzlich auch um „Julian’s Defence fund“ und natürlich(er): Wikileaks. Das ist aber alles ziemlich gemischt. Und ob Julian Assanges Gerichtsverfahren – welches ja noch nicht mal ansteht, er soll ja nur, dubios, befragt werden – nun Wohl und Wehe der freien Meinungsäußerung entscheidet, weiß ich nun auch nicht.

Ich finde, dass Herr Assange der Sache wegen erst einmal etwas zurückstehen sollte, um seine Angelegenheiten zu regeln. Seine verfahrenen Verfahren sind nicht das selbe wie Wikileaks, und sie sind garantiert nicht das selbe wie freie Meinungsäußerung.

Ich wünschte, dass das bei Herrn Assange nicht immer so durcheinanderginge.

– Und einen Platz für ihn am Tisch reservieren, und Leute zu versammeln, um SEINER Stimme zu lauschen, etc., das hat für mich alles etwas zu sehr was von Führerkult, muss ich sagen.

Daher: „dislike“.