It was in 1976 in Rome, when Liz Dunn, a fat girl from Canada, sat on the roof of a sleazy Disco and …something happens!

I won’t spoil[1] it for you, no worries.. Go find out for yourself in Douglas Couplands novel „Eleanor Rigby“, which is – again! – a wierd and wonderful piece of work.

The reason for writing this – in English, even! – is, that, in said book there’s a reference of a Google search containing above mentioned search words. I read that passage when I came home from the pub one saturday afternoon – uh, ok: sunday morning.

I immidiately tried the search words and had to find out that all there is are some more or less lame and boring, really short blog entries about it, and no hidden page for the alert and internet-savvy reader to discover, set up by Doug Coupland to continue the story, extend it beyond the limits of the book.

This omission, Mr Coupland, is boring and disappointing! – Come on, you did think about it, didn’t you? What happened on the way? Publishers marketing department and their own ways of promoting the book?

Ok, what can I do now to entertain you, now that you may or may not have found this page after reading the book? Can’t think of much atm, sorry..

But then again: maybe you are Liz. Not Liz Dunn, but Liz Wossname. From Canada. And your high school planned this trip to Rome. And you really-really spend a hot night on the roof of some Disco over there. Maybe it wasn’t exactly in 1976, but you were born that year, so there’s something to relate to.

If that’s the case: Liz, could you please send me a picture of you, if you have one, taken that night in Rome? Or any other night on that trip?

I’d really appreciate it.

This article is dedicated to you, Liz. Where ever you are. If you are, which is my firm believe[2].

ps: Liz, yes: I did try google image search, which is boring. Not a bit of photographic evidence to find there. At least not for „Liz Rome Disco, 1976, High School Canada“. Even if you shorten the list: nada.. At least no lead really worth following..
pps: Just in case you haven’t done so yet: read the book! 😉

[1] No lame excuse! – I would spoil it if I’d tell you what actually happened on the roof that night..
[2] „The truth may be out there, but Liz is inside my head“ — X-Files